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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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murderer, he did not do this. >> man accuued of murder release order bail. the ddcision made today that has >> brittany sppars, knoww for sex appeal. the things that she may hhve done to a security guard, that is making him sue her, for sexual harassmmntt >> starbucks, changing the drive-thru menu. %-able to order drinks on the g. >> and the mayor in a manhole. why the city leader was walking around underground. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, ttis is fox 455news "late eddtion". >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. it took nearly 100 firefighters to battle an eight alarm laze in west baltimore yesterday. karen parks is sttnding by live at the scene to teel us why firefighters say this proofs the serious lack of resources. karen? >>well, jennifer and jeff. look at this. this is what is left, after
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yesterday's fire, ttat nearly deetroyed more a dozen homes. and dozens of firefighters werr called to the scenn. but they all were not from baltimore. %-some say, we could have been n big trouble. >> the city was required to ask for companies to transfer in, from arundel county, baltimore county, howard counny, harford county and as far away as washington, d.c.. this was a fire that, in days gone by, would have been serious but there would have been enough resources left in the city to adequately protect the city. -> a spokesperson for the mayor released this statement. despite a record of $121 million budget defiiit, mayyr tephanie rawlings-blake restored critical funding to the fire department this year. and to reduce rotating fire company closures over the last year. there are, at least, three
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rotating fire company closures live here in west karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thank you karen. wild fire at ooe of maryland's3 national parks as we speak. 50 firefighters from three counties, areecurrently on the scene at the cno national historic park. crews wereeconcerned the dryy3 windy conditions coulddcause the fire to sppead t appears to have started near a cave, near the cno canal. >> nearly a third of the state is in oderate to extreme drought conditions. and while the temperatures are have been pleasant dry weather could contribute to he environment. >> emily gracey joins us with a look at the ddy conditions we have undergone. >> certainly dry everywhere. and we have a couple more days of ry weathhrr -ut if good news. rain in the forecast coming up later this weekend.ú looking at the radar. not a lot goinn on. as far as rain. we have dry conditions persisting overniggt.
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that does not help that threat for fire situation. normally this time of year, we should have about 1.2 inches of rain for this month. we're only nine days into the month. and we have had just a trace of rain. so we could certainly use it. and it will come llter this wwekend. 68 ddgrees. is where we are right now in baltimore. cooling doww this evening into %-and then another gorgeous dayn store tomorrow. lots of sunshine. highs in the mid to upper 70s. we will have warmer air on the way in, and rain. tell you about that coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thank you emily. >> tonight a man accused of executing a stranger in severn is behind bars. a judge revoke bail earlier today. and crime and justice reporter joy lepola, tells us policc are be hate crime. ú% from road rage to a possible hate crime, i am being told nothing at this ppint is being ruled out, as a possibll motive, in the murder of 40-year-old calvin yeung. in court today, prosecutors argued to have the man accused
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in young's kiiling, thrown back in jail. james king posted bail after a judge last week grantee the request. held without bail.king was being prosecutors say they found out ú%arted to come n from neighbors concerned about their safety. despite efforts by king's defense attorney, a judge today revvke his bail..3 >> the judge said king did pose aaflight risk and danger to the community. a decision that has left one family uming, and anotherú breathing a sigh of relief. >> my son did not do this..3 he is innocent. they need to look for the real killer. guessswhat, somebody is out there that knows who it is. you need to come forward. for my son's sake, do noo let it be too innocent lives lost. very worried about it..3 like for the family and for the coomunity. because he is around this area. >> king was free for nearly a week, after judge set the bail
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at $1 million.3 joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition". new ttnight, federal judge ú%a declared the u.s. military ban on openly gay service memberr unconstitutional. the judge claims the ban violatessfirst amendment rights. and will issue an injunction to halt enforcement of the policy nationwide. president obama has recently made promise to say repeal >> the body of a ormer marine -rom randallstown is being returned to this countty tonight. on sunday, 25-year-old christopher vaile veil was killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan. the former marine serggant had served three tours in iraq and most reeentll beean to work for a private security firm. tonight family members are mourring the loss. >> a mother does not have words %-child she has ever.of the onny he fought for his countty.
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on foreign soil and died. >> vaile injured two years ago by another roadside bomb. purple heart. newest 9/11 memorial in this regioo s ompleted. finishing touches were put on last night. now this memorial stands in front of the arundel fire and police headquarters..3 thh beams from the ruble at ground zero in new york city were brought in last month..3 area contractorr donate the time to complete the project. %-eyes.rought tear to say my it is like now, i haae a you know, once a year, i go to new york. >> phase 2 will include benches, waakway and plaques honoring those that died nine years ago on 9/11. >> the roads are safer than they have been in almost 60 years. and national highway traffic safety adminnstration saii fatalities are at levels not
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seen sinne the 50s. in 2009 the number of americans dying highways fell to less than 34 hour. -own from the previous ear. and in maryland, there were 547 traffic fatalities, in 2009. a deerease of 7.4 percent. >> starbucks takes the tall sizz off ddive-thru menus. it will have the 16 and 20-ounce possibilities. grand and venete. decision made after the customers complainnd that drive-thru menu too cluttered and too difficult to order. >> toys 'r us, is coming to a mall near you this holiday season. the toy store plans to set up 600 temporary express storrs in malls and shopping centers across the countryy six ttmes what they opened last year. expanding the pop up stores will holiday dollars and become more
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competitive againsttonlinn and merchandise like wal-mart. >> traffic alert for those near3 the medical center. 100 block of penn street is ú%osed between pratttand loobard streets. so public works crews can fix a sandation line. blocked to all traffic, morning. %-underground to convince a internee giant to bring fiber optics to our city. she climbed down a manhole to highlight the cities underground conduit system. it would be used to run a high speed fiber optic internet system. >> some cities went the gimmick route. and, i think, one city named themselves google for the day.3 we in baltimore want to stress the real reason. the hard facts about why baltimore is the best ppace, for google fiber, for communities. >> more than 1000 communities ú%tionwide areecompeting for
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gooole's newest project. >> coast guard did its part waters. dive and navigation teams pulled four batteries out of the potomac.ú they wiil be returned and later recycled. coast guard will continue to dive through the next few days, to recover more batteries from the rivers. >> now, we're in somewhaa of a3 state of limbo. >> the evolving controversy over the burning of the quran. it was cancelled earlier tonight. now it could be back o why tte pastor containinged his mind. and how he says the conversation with florida iiam went down. %-prime real estate.iig for how he is involved in the ground zero mosque debate. >> brittany spears known for sex appeal. still ahead. to him that is
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>> new just this hour. florida pasttr thht cancelled plans at first to burn copies of the quran, now said he is3 rethinking the decision. >> now, we're in somewhat of a -tate of limbo aad we have to rethink, of course, our position. cclled off the event, based on islamic plan near ggound zero, two blocks away, would be moved further away from the site. %-was struck.mam claims he >> i have several witneeses there, in the room. we made it very clear, he repeated it back. that the imam there in new york said that they would move the so as of righttnow, we have just put a temporary hold upon our planned event.
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>> thh florida church said it would wait 24 hourssto confirm theemeeting between the three, abefore making another decision on the quran burring. >> while the plans were off. at fox 45 news at 5:thirty. we asked if you agreed with the decision to cancel plans to burn the quran. %-and april wrote on facebook tonight. that is probably the bestt3 decision he has had in his whole life. >> ell, just this afternoon, donald trump got involved in the ground zero mosque debate. he offered to buy the site for what the developer paid, plus 25 percent. all cash. and immediate closing. developer to build tte mmsque five blocks away, from ground zero. no comment from the builder or >> very unusual cappure at dullls airport over the labor day holiday weekend. get this.
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snails, a traveler from west africa tryyng to bring 4 giant african land snail into the u.s. they can grow eiggh by four. and are considered a majjr threat bbcaase they seriouslyy3 and quickly damage crops. destroyed. >> another amazing day today. almost felt like fall. >> more of the same going into the weekend. check back with meteorologist emily gracey with the latest sky watch ffrecast. >> as you step outside this eveninn. -ool temperatures, across the area. from the skycam..3dy. we are dry this eveniig. and we are cooling down. into the mid 60s already in %-with partly cloudy skies. and winds out of tte west-northwest. we will keep ooling about annther 10 degrees. mid 55s across the area. and a very loo dew point, keeping us dry. 46 degrees. where we are sitting with the dewpoint that means the atmosphere is very dry out there. %-system off to the north and
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west. bringing in dry air around the bringing us cool temperatures tonight. clear skies helping to us cool down as well. and that will be dominating our weather for a couple more days, at least, until a cold front pushes through the area. by the end of the weekend. ú%l right. watching the tropics as well. busy season o far. no exception. as we look out to tropical depression igor. it as a tropical storm earlier, and probably will be again. but right now tropical depression with winds of 35 miles per hour. moving to the west and expected %-the next couple of days.rm in and then the hurricane center is predicting this will be a hurricane as well. so possible category 2 hurricane by the middle of next week. so continue to monitor igor as u.s.ets closer and closer toothe and we will see what kind of impact that does have as it moves across the atlantic. now back atthooe. the hiih pressure, that's impacting our weather. that's what is bringing us northerly winds tonight.3 continue to see ttooe ortherly winds tomorroww another day like today for tomorrow. partly cloudy skies.
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-ecoming mostly sunny. and cooler temperatures than we have experienced all summer long. wwrming to 80 saturday. as the high pressure moves south. and then saturday night to sundayy we are watching a cold front, you can see the front ttere. and that will be coming in late satuuday night to the day on sunday. now some of the remnants of that tropical storm hermine will be with the cold front. so eepecting rain. we could use it. it will come in overnight saturday toothe day on sunday. 56 for tonight. cool evening in store. more mild downtown. temperattres right around 60. and then for tomorrow. on the water. mid 70s is what you can expect with mostly sunny skies. breezy conditions. with winds gusting up to 20 knots.ú -igh tide at 8:23. and at the beachhthis eek. nice on friday and saturday. a chance of showers come in sunday. with temperatures in the mid 70s. back at home. for tomorrow. -nother gorgeouu day. dry conditions. 77 degrees. the day. with the inds ouu of the
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northwest at five to 15 miles per hour. so the cold front comes in saturday night and sunday. a chance of showers both of those days. before we start to dry out monday to tuesday. with highs in the low 80s. i will let you know about another cold front that pushes thrrugh the area, all coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> ray lewis sounds off on the jets and how will all of those ú%rst rate receivers fit in the ravens' offense. bruce cunningham is next with "sports unlimited". >> and brittany spears, known for sex appeal. uu next, the things she may have done to a security guard that
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now let's get down to work. -> some peeple were nooping on3 runner up crystal bauer sock. >> six people checked out her personal information. bowersox said she is disgusted but doesn't plan to sue. snooping has orceddthe resignation of a northern ohio court workers and ohio work >> brittany spears built her singing career on being sexy but she ay have taken it too far. former body guard is suing her
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for sexual harassment. florez file the suit saying she repeatedly exposed herself to him. and he said that spears berateed him in a movie theater and he witnessed her act inapprooriately in front of and toured -- toward her young children. >> as we head into the nfl season, new york jets are everywhere. hard knox, espn people talking about them as a superbowl team. sick of it. and prominent among them is resident legend ray lewis, heard about enough. and today, he went off. >> ttlking about the jets like the saints. %-until they play tonight that's the only people that can be dethroned. saints not the jets. you know, all of thhs, i love the miami eat. if you are the heat, e have to
11:22 pm
be the lakers. %--ings.ooking for multippe but you isten to all of this talk, and the bottom line is you have to buckle up the chin strapss. so they can say what they want tt say. whatever he aid, i don't want to get into it. because i didn't see it. when you talk about what i cannot do. we are talking about a decade of stuff i have done. so we are not talking about whether i didn't want to call one defense or not. coach sanchez, coach the jets. my nnme should not come out of your mouth unless you are telling somebody tooblock e. which would be ear hard dam task monday night whatever he feels, that they want to say and jets want to talk about this. man you still have to play the the gameeis not played through buckle up chin strap. so the pressure he put on the teamm i hope they can play right. it is what you love. what yoo love. -ertain pooit you get tired everybody talking about something. you can talk about whatever.
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but no man over there going to3 woop me. i am good with that. >> injury report is out. ruled out. no surprise there. however, web, coming off a knee injury, is listed as ppobable. now you can believe, the acquisition of t.j. houshmandzadeh has ryan and the jets staff scrambling. adding another first rate receever to the crew is a serious mmtter for opponents defense. but it could create a situation for the ravens too. t.j. houshmandzadeh and bolden and mason, all caught at least %-and you play as yoo know, with onll one football. so how do you keep them all happy? mason think it is possible. >> teams have done it. they have been able to, three receivers ccn co-exist. so i don't hink there will be a problem. obvvouuly, you know, one game. you know, one guy may have more balls than the other. but that's a good problem to have. because, you know, defenses cannot fix on one guy east and every week. a good problem to have.
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>> the jets are favored by two points, in the ooenerrmmnday night. >> a dry fall like night in store. and wet weather for the weekend. let you know when it arrives. >> he threw this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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>> dry and cool again tomorrow. high temperatures 77 degrees.
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ú%rming to 80 by saturday. then sunday we have wet weather moving in. high temperature 80 degrees. -ill start to dry out monday tt3 tuesday. cold front pushes throughh3 tuesday night..3 willlnot bring uu wee weether. but cool us off to the middle of ú%xt wwek, with highs bbck in the mid tt upppr 70s. back to you. >> thank you emily. >> well it ttok three, very messy attempps but a glen burnie mannis one of the latest ú%ryland lottery winners. >> dennis keatly was able to retrieve a ticket from a dumpster, he put the ticket in table and it end you had up in maintenance worker helped in th3 search after spotting him sift throuuh the cash garbage. >> i apologized for mmkinn a mess by the you have dumpster. he asked what i had lost. >> i happened to stumble across a bag with dvd cases in it. so i holl it p. and it ffll on the groundd
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